Baby Gifts, Sewn and Knitted

It’s so much fun to make and to purchase baby gifts!!!  Colette and I went baby clothes shopping the night of the day Theo was born.  Jeans and short-alls and striped shirts and Oshkosh By Gosh denim overalls (every baby needs them!…especially for zooming through the house!), and more!  Oh my!  So fun!

And my fingers have been busy knitting for the baby!  The angora for this bunny hat came from a giant, loaf-like bunny that I encounter on a wool arts tour each year.  It was dreamy to work with!

And I made a moose-themed flannel quilt from fabrics I purchased in California last July.  I love the manly baby boy look!

And I made this quick tote as an extra bag…perfect for baby toys, extra clothes, a quick diaper bag, anything!

I think know I'm going to spoil this baby!...and love every minute of it!


  1. I call it grandmother fever..LOL! Congratulations on the new little one:-)

  2. Such lovely gifts!! I love the bunny hat! ;o) Enjoy spoiling your new, precious grandson.


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