An Unexpected Gift

Much to my surprise, a sweet and generous friend sent a gift!  Mastering the Art of French Cooking!  The two-volume set!  Boxed!  Oh my!

There they sit on the kitchen counter.  I must say it sort of transforms my kitchen !  It makes it look like someone who really knows how to cook lives here!  I confess to being a bit daunted just looking at them.

Then I cracked open a volume and started to read.  I was particularly taken with the end of the last volume (I always start to read something from the back first) which was devoted to “Kitchen Equipment (Batterie de Cuisine)”, and is illustrated with black and white drawings of every conceivable kitchen essential.  My favorite section was entitled “Bashers, Bludgeons, and Blunt Instruments” and reads, “For whacking up turkey carcasses, chopping bones, and flattening cutlets, here is a choice of weapons…”  Such humor!  I am less daunted now.  Ready to dive in and master the art of French cooking soon!

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