Snowy Day

The snow came.  Technohubby worked from home.

Snowy days call for something special...of the baked variety.  I kneaded.

The snow plow rumbled by.  God bless the men who drive them!

The dough was set to rise, and rise it did.

Colette taught me a card game she learned from her friend in California.

Colette joined in the baking.

Technohubby took advantage of a lull in the snow to snow blow the driveway.

Copious amounts of melted butter spread on dough and topped with cinnamon and sugar...oh my!

Snow markers were located.  This one was easy.  Others had to be dug out.

Deliciousness taking shape!

Then it was eating time...even before the cream cheese frosting!

If you like Cinnabon's cinnamon rolls, these are a copycat recipe.  I think it may be even better.  You can find the recipe here.  And the best thing about this recipe is that they freeze beautifully!  Just a quick reheat in the microwave, and they are almost as good as fresh-baked!


  1. I was going to make these today and got sidetracked! Windows leaking from all the ice and snow:-( Hope your all holding up okay, a reprieve tomorrow, yeah!!

  2. Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear about the leaks! Technohubby spent time Saturday with a shovel and a sledge hammer (I didn't watch) clearing snow shoveled off the deck away from the basement window. It had hardened into a giant mass of ice. Ugh. We did fine today. Did you get lots of rain? We were surprised at all the slushy-rainy mess down your way we saw on the news tonight. Our driveway would have issues if we had anything but snow. So far, so good.

  3. I have such fun following your blog. What a fun life you lead!

  4. I'm glad you enjoy my blog, Emily. I think I find a lot of inspiration from bygone days, where everyone had to create their own fun. But there's plenty of ordinary things here too...meal making, laundry, sore throats, grumpy dog, etc. It's finding the joy in the everyday that I think is so important! And my contentment lies in knowing that God smiles upon and blesses the work of the homemaker as much as the missionary, the housewife as much as the pastor. God bless!


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