Saturday Domesticities

Things were creeping out of control.  A little pile of this here.  A little pile of that there.  That sorting project that would only take a few minutes.  Those forgotten or ignored jobs.  Today was the day to put the house in order. 

-The last of the contents of last weekend's suitcases emptied.
-Some hand-wash-only garments gently laundered, and sweaters laid to dry.
-The dress form redressed in Colette's ballgown.
-A little light dusting.
-Floors swept.
-Carpet vaccumed.
-Major work in the pantry: half-full bags of pasta consolidated into jars, crackers transfered from boxes to cracker jars, empty canning jars returned to their boxes in the basement, white chocolate chips put into their jar, potatoes growing eyes...tossed, cippolini onions bought from the clearance bin added to the onion basket, everything removed from the floor and a thorough sweeping occured, the last of the basil and oregano that had been hanging to dry was crumbled and put into jars, and the last of the sage was ground with mortar and pestle.

"Order" and "pretty" are best friends, so then it was time to arrange some everlastings in a pewter tankard for a bright spot of wintery color on the dining table.

Putting the house in order...big improvement to the house AND my sense of calm.


  1. You and I had the same kind of day. I spent the am in the knitting shop first--had to gear myself up with a reward "first"! We didn't get to the sled races either, next year too, and perhaps we'll meet up and enjoy a hot chocolate together:-)

  2. My reward was sewing for the latter part of the day!
    Yes, next year!


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