A Good Read

I’ve been keeping company with Lorna Doone as of late.  We traveled together on two recent flights.  I can’t recommend her enough!

This sweet, little, leatherbound version (a steal at $2.00 from a used bookstore) was a delightful read!  The tale of Lorna Doone takes place in England in the early 1600′s against the backdrop of Catholic-Protestant tensions.  It’s the story of a young girl, Lorna, who lives with the outlaw Doone’s in their naturally fortified enclave.  The son of a farmer has a Providential meeting with her and falls in love.  But is there hope for love when she belongs to a band of fearsome outlaws?  The book is full of adventure, wit, and romance.  It would make a good read aloud for families with older children/teens.


  1. Love this story by Blackmore! The movie *Lorna Doone* was also excellent! Enjoy!
    Blessings, Mumsie

  2. I saw the movie 3-5 years ago, and I remembered the beginning quite clearly, so that part of the book was familiar to me. But I didn't remember anything else from the movie until very close to the end of the book, and then it all came back to me. That was disappointing, because I thought it ruined the ending of the book. But...aha!...there was a twist! Yay!


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