Garden Planning

Yesterday, midday, I sat down to plan this year's garden...a delightful job!  I've decided to keep the garden the same size.  Maybe expansion next year, but this year I'll be content with what we have.

Last year's blueprint was studied, to remind myself what I planted and where it was planted.

I decided what I did NOT want to plant this year: broccoli (takes up to much room for what it produces, pest-ridden), tomatillos (huge plants, lots of fruit, but nothing ever came to maturity), potatoes (fun to grow, but had brown spots inside; sitting this year out for potatoes), less basil, no radishes (kids aren't wild about them), fewer jalapenos and bell peppers, and fewer varieties of tomatoes.

I also worked out the plan for crop rotation for soil health and pest control.

Then I sat down with my gardening journal (to see the notes I made about last year's garden), and with this year's Seed Saver's Exchange catalog, and began to comprise the list of crops we will plant this year.

This is what we're planting, with a few notes made for interesting seeds:

green beans (Kentucky Wonder)

carrots (Scarlet Nantes - long story why we didn't get a better crop of these last year, but the ones we got were the best carrots I've ever eaten!) - planting LOTS of them this year! - are said to freeze well.

cucumbers - (Bushy for pickling, and Parade for eating -- both Russian varieties, because I've discovered that if it grows well in Russia, it will grow well in New England...haha!)

garlic - already planted and currently hibernating

pumpkins - (Jack-be-Littles for decorating; Boston Marrow for pumpkin pies and pumpkin bread; Cornfield Pumpkin for carving)

lettuces - (three varieties)


onions (red and yellow...lots and lots and lots!)

jalapeno peppers - (Traveler Strain - a new variety for Seed Savers)

bell peppers - (King of the North - "The best bell pepper...for northern gardeners...")

zucchini - only ONE PLANT this year!

tomatoes - (Brandywine for eating; Siberian for canning and for making salsa for freezing)

herbs: basil, chives, cilantro, dill, oregano, parsley, sage, thyme

sunflowers - (Just planting them for pretty's sake! Orange Sun variety - "Bright orange flowers explord with a flash of color.  Almost entirely double flowers have a unique outer row of single petals surrounding large 6" heads, reminiscent of large chrysanthemums.")

So, that's the plan!  It's starting to come together!


  1. I like your list. The Nantje carrot is intriguing.

    How did your pumpkins fare last year? I harvested several Mini Boos, and only ONE huge white Casper, but it was a beauty. Everything else rotted from within!

    Brandywines always do well for me, too. Do you start from seed?

    deb meyers

  2. Last year, I took the advice of someone and planted pumpkins on a slope, and they did terribly! Won't do that again. Your White Jaspar sounds lovely. I've never planted white pumpkins, but since I always buy at least one, I really ought to.

    Yes, I start everything from seed. How about you? If you do start from seed, when do you get them started? I've been doing early- to mid-April, but I'm thinking of making that mid-March this year.


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