Italian Turkey Breast

Italian Turkey Breast wasn’t what the magazine called it, but it seemed a better title to me.  The recipe came from the October/November issue of Fine Cooking magazine and was called Roasted Turkey Breast, Porchetta Style.  (If you’ve never checked out that magazine, I highly recommend it!)  The magazine describes it as “…rubbed with a spice paste and topped with pancetta for a clever take on porcetta, a traditional Italian preparation.”  Whatever you call it, it’s delicious!  Even when you absentmindedly forget the pancetta, as I did.   And when you find turkey breast on sale, AND there’s a $2 off coupon attached to it…well, it makes the deliciousness all the more satisfying.

The recipe can be found here.  Colette is already looking forward to turkey sandwiches from the leftovers.  She’s recommending a coating of pesto on the sandwiches.

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