Bulletin Board Makeover

I like starting the new year with a painting project.  It’s a fresh start to a fresh year!  Last year I painted three rooms.  This year I tackled smaller projects.

I really needed a place to keep ideas and orders-in-process paperwork for my Etsy shop in one, easy-to-see place.  And having an unused bulletin board (4' x 4') that used to live in the schoolroom of our house in California AND an empty wall in the laundry/sewing room, I decided to give the bulletin board a makeover.

First it got a fresh coat of paint.  The paint color is called Cobblestone…sort of a mushroom-like color.  I like its mellowness.

Then I bought some decorator fabric with which to cover it.  I’m positively wild about this particular fabric!  So neutral, yet not boring.  It’s got weight, and a nice, historic sort of look and feel to it.

I cut the fabric just a bit bigger than the surface of the bulletin board.

I turned it under all around the edges and secured it with upholstery tacks.

Hopefully, it will help me keep that aspect of my life straight.

The first two items to go onto the bulletin board were my new sewing-themed calendar (purchased from this Etsy shop) and a pretty ribbon sent to me by a friend.

This is just the first step in some big improvements coming to that room of the house this year.

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