Boxes Refined

Quite some time ago, I purchased some inexpensive Shaker boxes to use as storage boxes in my laundry/sewing room.  I had every intention of repainting them in the future.

Well, their day arrived just after Christmas.  It was time for a change.  I gave all the boxes a coat of primer and two coats of paint.  I chose paint colors from the paint company, Olde Century Paint, in shades called: Tavern Yellow, Linen White, and Tinderbox Brown.  However, I opted to go the more economical route and have Home Depot match those colors from the pricier paint company, and mix them in their sample-size jars with an eggshell finish.  There’s no painting outside in New England in the winter, and the basement’s too cold, so our formal dining room became paint headquarters for awhile.

Then, wanting to label them with what’s stored in them, I went online and found a nice colonial print font.  And through a tedious process (believe me, you don’t want to know), I managed to hand-letter, in pencil, the words on each box and then paint them with black paint.  It’s a good thing I wanted the sort of scratchy look of colonial typeset, because I would’ve driven myself crazy trying to get it to look pristinely perfect.

The first box was fun.  By the time I was half done with the second box, I was wondering how on earth I thought I had time to do this project.  But now that I’m done, I’m so pleased with the result that I would consider doing more boxes…maybe.

The laundry/sewing room is inching its way towards improvement.


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