Snow Arrives

Just when we thought we might not have a white Christmas afterall, snow began falling this morning and fell softly all day long.  The holly in the flower bed outside the living room window looks even lovelier now.

I spent the day sewing and appreciating the snowy view from the sewing room.

Just before dusk, to shake off my warm and cozy sewing stupor, I went for a walk...not far...just to the top of the hill.   It was nice to hear the crunch, crunch of snow beneath my boots once again.  Wood smoke scented the crisp air.  Rabbit tracks crossed the road.  And all around me was the muffled silence of a snow-wrapped world.  Wonderful!


  1. It is sooo beautiful! I LOVE snow, but we live in SE Arizona so we do not see it very often! ;o) I LOVE your blog. I recently found it on Blueberry Cottage blog.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. A great way to spend the day--sewing and tucked all in with snow:-) Thanks for sending along the recipe, it sounds soooo good. I think it will be our New Years dessert this year. Christmas dinner dessert is always french bread pudding with a whisky sauce--I can't wait to make it...LOL!

  3. Heather - Thank you for your sweet words! I hope you get some snow this year. Merry Christmas!

    Suzanne - Ohh...that sounds yummy too! Care to send along that recipe? Maybe we'll have it for New Year's? :-)


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