I'm trying to keep my composure.  It's difficult though, when a beloved friend looks like this.

It's my sewing machine.  It broke about four days before Christmas.  Technohubby determined that it was a stripped gear.  He loosened a screw so that the cogs of the gears met again.  It made it through the Christmas sewing, but died shortly thereafter.

The man at the repair shop quoted me a price of $175-$200 to fix it, and advised me to just buy a new one.  Technohubby found the replacement gear online for $7.99 and the service manual for $14.00.  He's hard at work on the problem.

I'm sure there are fabulous new machines to be had.  But my machine has been with me a long time, and I'm rather attached to it.  Right now, I can hear it humming away down in the basement on Tehcnohubby's workbench, practicing its way through a scrap of muslin.  I remain hopeful.


  1. Kate, I would feel so anxious too. I have had my sewing machine for a LONG time and would be very sad to see it like that! I hope your hubby is successful!


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