Sweet Memories from the Turkey

The turkey candy dish has taken up residence in my sunny kitchen windowsill.  He's sitting there proudly.  The night before Thanksgiving, I'll fill him with sweets to the delight of everyone.

It's funny how little things like a turkey candy dish can make memories.  I have special memories of my grandma's cookie jar.  It was ceramic and had already been broken and glued back together once, so my brother and I knew we had to be really careful with it whenever we lifted the lid to retrieve a cookie (which, it should be noted, was often).  I think of that cookie jar everytime one of us carefully removes the turkey's lid and replaces it.  Taking care of the turkey so he can be here next year...and the next.  Sweet, simple memories.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! It is a beautiful Turkey dish! And, to fill it with candy for Thanksgiving, what a special memory!


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