Beauty and the Beast

Freezing rain can be beautiful, and it can also be beastly.  For those of you who live in warmer climates, freezing rain comes down like rain (because the air temperature is warmer) and freezes on contact (because the surface temperature is 32 degrees or less).  it is the opposite of sleet, which comes down like ice and melts on contact.  Sleet is relatively benign.  Freezing rain can be dangerous.

Thanksgiving night and into the wee hours of Friday, we had several hours of freezing rain.  We awakened to find the world transformed, as though the White Witch had been practicing her mischief in Narnia.  Every blade of grass, every twig, every bough of holly shivered in a coating of ice.

The view of the woods from the deck.

We were grateful that this storm did no damage, and we kept our power all day.  In 2008, we went without power for six days.  This storm was less beastly, and more beautiful.


  1. It is a beautiful site isn't it:-) Last year we had such a terrible ice storm 10 town lost power for over 10 days. We are fortunate our farm is tucked down a hill and we really missed alot of the wind that did it. Glad your all safe and well!

  2. It IS beautiful! We were trying to get started decking the halls, but the view out every window kept changing by the minute, and I had to stop decorating and snap pictures...and then it changed again...more pictures. Positively captivating!
    Having power is nice, but I think going without it is nice too (for a time, I'm sure). Simplifies life and reduces it to the important and peaceful.

  3. Oh dear. After I posted my comment, I realized that I should've been a little clearer. We DO have a generator, which makes going without power (so to speak) quite a bit easier. We can't power the whole house, so it is still pretty dark once the sun goes down, but we can still have running water, a few lights, and I can cook. But to go upstairs, we take lanterns/flashlights, etc. with us. It's hardly "roughing it", but it does slow the pace of life down quite nicely.

  4. Lovely blog! Now that I'm a *follower* will visit often! Love finding other kindred spirits out there and sharing each others lives and loves. Please stop on over at Rosehaven Cottage and see what we are up to and *follow* the happenings. Blessings, Mumsie

  5. I also meant to add that those pictues would make lovely cards:-)

  6. Gorgeous photos - we live in northern Vermont and had about 3 inches of snow yesterday which has made the children very happy.
    Warm wishes,

  7. Mumsie - Thanks for stopping by and "following"! I shall pay Rosehaven Cottage a visit!

    Suzanne - Thanks! I do have a dear friend who has encouraged me to make cards of my photos to my Etsy shop. Someday...

    Plain and Joyful Living - Three inches of snow would make my children very happy indeed! What fun! Enjoy!!!


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