Photo taken last summer at Old Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts.

The Farmer's Wife

Some courteous angel guide my pen,
While I describe a farmer's wife.
In her the poor do find a friend,
To guide them through this life;
Before the king of day doth rise,
To journey round the earth,
Before the stars fade from the skies,
She quits her downy berth.
Then with a joyful, lovely song,
She to her daily labor goes,
She never joins the idle throng,
That seek their own repose.
Her mind is strong, and noble too,
She judgs all things right;
She hath her friends, a chosen few,
And is to all polite;
She seeks not to adorn with gold,
But looks upon the mind;
There nobler beauties doth behold,
Than she in gold can find.

--Farmer's Almanack, 1844, Robert B. Thomas

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