This Week's Menus

Thursday - slow-roasted chicken, grilled summer squashes (from the farmers' market) with fresh herbs (from the garden), tossed green salad (from the garden)

Friday - pasta with grilled chicken and pesto, baguette

Saturday - hamburgers and hot dogs (Max will be grilling!), fresh corn-on-the-cob (from the farmers' market)

Sunday - leftover garlic-studded pork tenderloin, rice vermicelli, tossed green salad (from the garden)

Monday - homemade pizza, tossed green salad (from the garden...again!)

Tuesday - Colette's Birthday! - maple chicken, mashed potatoes, garlic green beans (from the garden), chocolate cake and ice cream

Wednesday - spaghetti, garlic bread, tossed green salad (from he garden)

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