Chives Preserved

"Scarcely a green or vegetable salad is not considerably livened both in flavor and appearance by the addition of chives.  They are an attractive garnish.  Chive butter is useful in seasoning many kinds of sandwiches and hot dishes.  In fact, this herb has nearly unlimited uses in the kitchen to make food interesting and lively."

"For use in winter, chives may be harvested, cut finely with scissors or a sharp knife, and stored in a plastic carton in the freezer.  To use, simply dip a spoon in to loosen and remove the quantity needed..."  -- Betty Crocker's Kitchen Gardens by Mary Mason Campbell (illustrated by Tasha Tudor)

Three cups of finely snipped chives were frozen today.  Quite enough chives for every baked potato we can eat, dripping with melting butter and oozing with sour cream.  There will be plenty of chives leftover for garnishing soups...and enlivening biscuits...adding to dumplings...and ever so many other delectable uses.

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