Autumn Beauties

Today, while driving into town to return some items borrowed from the library, I passed a house where an elderly woman was pushing a sign into the ground next to a small table.  On the table were bags of freshly-picked pears.  The sign said "Free Pears".  No doubt about it...I stopped.
The woman, who was 91-years old, refused payment for the pears.  "God gave them to me, and now I give them to others," she said with simplicity.

Six pounds of these beauties came home with me.  I think pear sauce is in their future.  And I'll deliver a jar to a sweet 91-year old woman.


  1. I'm ready through your archives...what a wonderful thing for you to do! Do you remember your visit with her when you brought her the jar?

    1. I'm sad to say that I could never get those pears to ripen. And the ones that did ripen, didn't ripen at the same time, so I never got enough ripe at the same time to make pear sauce. Kind of sad.


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